Instructions for key collection 

Time of Arrival?

Please let me know in advance when you will arrive so that we can plan cleaning and accommodation. If you don't know, please at least estimate. Ideally via email Quite often, however, time changes. Therefore, please contact me on the way, 30 minutes before arrival. My phone number is +420722275337 I will prepare the key to the apartment in the safe. Once you will be at the entrance door at Kopečná 938/3

please call me at +420722275337 I will open this door remotely for you. Once you enter, there is a safe in the hallway on the left wall.
Enter the code I will tell you on the phone once you enter in the hallway and pick up the key to the apartment. I'll explain everything once you are at the safe.

The key is used to unlock the apartment.
There is also a chip on the keys
This chip opens the residence door and activates the elevator, just put it to the space marked on the picture below.
 Put the chip to the red circled area when entering the house.
The chip also activates the lift if you do not want to use the stairs.

Please also read the information on:

During your stay
Check out information

I will be on phone.
Ing. Zdeněk Hubáček


During your stay

We would like to earn a 10 rating from you. In case of any problems or if you need advice, please call +420722275337 immediately. Walk through the apartment and if it was not well cleaned, there were some defects, please call immediately. I will try to solve the problem.

WIFI in your apartment is called VCB with the number of your apartment. The password is 1apartment123

The apartments and the house are strictly non-smoking. Unfortunately, smokers will have to go outside of the house to have a cigarette. Detectors are installed.
It is also strictly forbidden to have parties in the apartment. Even during the day. The night calm is from 22 to 7 oclock. Please respect these rules and be considerate of other guests. In case of non-compliance with these rules, a fine of 100 EUR will be charged (either in cash or the amount will be deducted from your card). We want all our guests to feel good and not be constrained by unscrupulous neighbors. If you feel that this rule restricts you, it is not a problem to cancel your reservation.

There is an elevator in the house. You need a chip to activate it. There are safety sensors on both sides of the lift, behind the red and white line. If you interrupt them or put a suitcase there, for example, the elevator will not start. The door must be opened and closed manually. If you leave the door open (or someone else on another floor) the elevator will not start. Please close the elevator door behind you.

At the end of the entrance hall on the ground floor, you can buy coffee, tea, chocolate and other hot drinks at the vending machine. The machine only takes CZK coins and returns.
You can also buy fresh wine from our winery Pod stepí. The offer includes the following types:

Cuvée bílé (Muškát moravský & Müller Thurgau) 2019, bílé, polosladké, alk.: 11,0%, 0,75 l.  Cena je 200 Kč / bottle.
Cuvée rosé (André & Svatovavřinecké) 2019, růžové, polosladké, 10,5 %, 0,75 l.                Cena je 200 Kč / bottle.

The wine fridge opens on call +420722275337 if you want to buy some wine. The price of one bottle is 200 CZK, the wine is excellent, try it. It is necessary to settle the bill before leaving if you consumed wine. Please leave 200 CZK or 8 EUR per bottle in the apartment, if we do not meet at check out. You can find more about our winery and accommodation in our apartment house in South Moravia here:

If you need to throw away rubbish (municipal waste / paper / plastics), the bins are a side corridor from the entrance hall where you enter the house. Next to a coffee and wine machine. 

Check out information

I would like to thank you for choosing our apartments for your stay. Check out is till 10am, please contact me at +420722275337 if you need otherwise. When leaving please drop the keys at the exit of the garage, there is a mailbox on the left wall. Or at the hallway, next to the safe, there is a mailbox for the keys.

Where to leave the keys?

When he leaves, please put the keys in the mailbox down the entrance hall. There is a mailbox next to the safe, on the left side. Please do not throw in the mailboxes of apartments.


Next time with us?
For your next stay in Brno, please contact us at

You can also visit our accommodation in South Moravia. Apartments Habánská

Please support me with a good rating!

I hope you had a pleasant stay. Please let me know if anything needs to be fixed in the apartment, if you have any comments, ideas or complaints. Your 10 ratings are very important to us.

Best regards, Zdeněk and the team

What you can find thanks to accommodation in Kopečné in your surrounding.

  • Petrov
  • Mendlovo náměstí s pivovarem
  • AZ Tower a office centra (Titanium, Spielberk)
  • Špilberk
  • Výstaviště
  • Hala Rondo


  • parkování v domě nebo na ulici
  • blízké MHD
  • blízké hlavní nádraží i autobus (u Grandu)
  • ideální poloha i pro noční rozjezdy
  • blízko na dálnici

Jídlo a zábava

  • restaurace a kavárny v okolí
  • supermarkety + vlastní kuchyň

Dlouhodobý pronájem

  • ano
  • podmínky pronájmu závisí na předchozí domluvě